TAK Group

We are a leading agro value chain service provider

TAK Group is a value chain service provider in the Agro industry. Over the years the group has evolved from being a trading company to a group of companies that covers manufacturing, commodities trading, logistics, storage and warehousing, and agro inputs in the agricultural sector.

What we do


We process and blend fertilizers from various blending plants for the agro industry in Nigeria

Infrastructure & Logistics

We aggregate farm produce, move agro raw material and finished products, and we store agro products in warehouses


We provide farm inputs and services i.e. tractor, seeds, chemicals and integrated agricultural services



Under the umbrella of FEPSAN, TAK designed what is today known as The Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) that has posted some remarkable results some of which include: 

Significant Drop in fertilizer price

Significant price drop from a high of N13,000 per bag to N5,500 per bag of fertilizer

Complete elimination of fertilizer subsidy

Complete elimination of N60 billion to N80 billion in budgetary subsidy and yet fertilizer is readily available and affordable all over the country

Attracts investments into fertilizer production

Attraction of investments into fertilizer blending to refurbish moribund plants and to acquire new ones,

Stimulation of micro economic activities around blending plants

Increase in local content of NPK production from zero to 63%, and stimulation of micro economic activities around the revived and newly established blending plants, etc.

Initiated 65% Increase in Fertilizer Production

At the inception of this PFI, TAK Group of blending plants accounted for about 65% of the total production.

Pioneered anchor borrowers scheme

TAK Group pioneered the organization of smallholder farmers into crop specific farmer groups for the purpose of accessing farm inputs and guaranteed off take of their farm produce which is now adopted by the CBN as the Anchor Borrowers Scheme. 

The farmers receive all necessary farm inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, tractor and extension services, and are allowed to pay for these inputs with their farm produce post harvest. 

TAK Agro provides the crop specific fertilizer, TAK Tractors provides tractorization services while TAK Commodities guarantees off take of the farm produce.


setup 15 Aggregation centers in 15 states to curb waste

TAK Group’s TAK Agriculture Integrated Solutions has setup 25 aggregation centers in 15 States to serve as distribution centers for farm inputs and aggregation or collection centers for farm produce post harvest.

Operates silos and storage facilities in strategic locations for preserving farm produce

Matrixville, also a member of TAK Group, now operate 5 strategically located Grain Silos and Storage Facilities in 5 states, with a combined bin capacity of 261,000MT for bulk grain storage and additional warehouse capacity of over 150,000MT. At these locations, Matrixville provides some light processing such as cleaning, sorting, drying and storage.


Pioneered large scale movement of fertilizer across nigeria

TAK pioneered the large scale movement of fertilizers not owning a single truck in Nigeria in 2008 when it had to distribute over 420,000 metric tons of fertilizers to all the States in the country and all 774 local government areas within three months.

managed over 9000 trucks and restarted the use of abandoned nigeria railway line for logistics

Since 2017, TAK Logistics has managed over 9,000 individual trucks for its operations. Additionally, TAK Logistics has made use of Nigerian Railway train services to get to some parts of the country that had not been serviced by rail in over 27 years such as the service from Lagos to Funtua, Lagos to Bauchi, Port Harcourt to Kaduna, etc.